Why It’s Not Working

Do you have a marketing strategy already in place? Do you have a website that doesn’t bring in a lot of traffic? Have you tried a few e-mail campaigns with low open and click rates? Do you know what low open and click rates for your industry are?

These questions are annoying, and difficult to think about let alone find the answers to. Luckily, we don’t think so.

Lauren May Creative specializes in: analytics. We can actually tell you what’s wrong with your website. We can tell you why no one is clicking your “Download now!” call-to-action (CTA).

The answer all lies in your metrics. We will pour over your metrics and apply common best practices to your website/e-mail template/etc. that we have a deep understanding of from years of online marketing experience. Don’t have any metrics or even know how to start collecting them? That’s okay, we can set you up for metric success.

There’s a reason no one is opening your e-mails. There’s another reason no one is clicking your offers within your e-mails. It’s not magic, it’s metrics.

E-mail us at lauren@lmaycreative.com for a free consult and we can help you understand how to make your online marketing awesome.