Is online marketing right for you?

Many small business owners who haven’t chosen to dabble in online marketing for their outreach think it’s not a possibility. Oh how wrong they are! Online marketing can be added to a business’ marketing plan easily and simply.

First, we need to define online marketing: online marketing is any type of outreach (advertising) to a target audience via web-based mediums. The most common forms include: having a web site, running an e-mail marketing campaign, creating and posting advertisements online, running a paid search (keyword bidding) campaign via Google and the use of social media to promote your business.

If you haven’t used online marketing before, these marketing tactics may seem complex, but they are not. They are extremely attainable and manageable for any business looking to grow their customer base and make more money.

One of the key components to a successful online marketing campaign is: having a professional web site. All of your other marketing tactics should tie back to your web site, where your product, be it a service or actual item, is showcased.

There is no question: if you have a product or service you are proud of, deem valuable, are looking to push out to the masses and bring in significant revenue– online marketing is for you.

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